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Bookcases are a staple furniture piece in every home – and you don’t have to own a lot of books to own one! They’re the perfect aid for styling your favourite items, whether it’s your collection of first editions of your favourite photographs. Coordinating your bookshelf with the rest of the furniture in your chosen room is key here – coordinating wood tones, colours and styles are crucial to creating your desired aesthetic.

  1. Black Rattan Bookcase
    Barton Black Rattan Bookcase
    Special Price £ 124.99 Regular Price £ 144.99
  2. Lena Rattan Book Shelf
    Lena Rattan Book Shelf
    Special Price £ 159.99 Regular Price £ 189.99
  3. Capri Shelving Unit
    Capri Shelving Unit
    £ 89.99
  4. White & Oak Effect Ladder Bookcase
    White & Oak Effect Ladder Bookcase
    Special Price £ 109.99 Regular Price £ 139.99
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