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Lawnmowers and Scarifiers

We all know that sprinklers are great for your grass, keeping it well-watered throughout the drier summer months. However, did you know that regularly mowing your lawn and using a lawn scarifier will let air move better through the grass, enabling it to grow stronger and thicker? Your lawn could become diseased and prone to pests if you fail to scarify it annually.
These tools are just as essential as your sprinklers, so we sell them side-by-side since they’re such great partners in crime!

  1. 1300w Lawn Moss Rake
    1300w Lawn Moss Rake
    Special Price £ 79.99 Regular Price £ 89.99
  2. 1200W Corded Lawn Mower
    1200W Corded Lawn Mower
    £ 99.99
  3. 40V Cordless Lawn Mower
    40V Cordless Lawn Mower
    £ 174.99
  4. 1600W Lawn Mower
    1600W Lawn Mower
    Special Price £ 114.99 Regular Price £ 129.99
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