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11 tips to keep your hallway tidy 

Hallways are the home’s humble workhorses; they welcome us home, greet our guests, and knit together our carefully curated décor.

But they’re also veritable clutter magnets.

Shoes, umbrellas, propped-up bikes – everything seems to end up in the front door foyer.

But by applying these handy storage hacks, you’ll streamline the dreaded hallway tidy and make your space a joy to come home to.  

So without further ado, let’s organise your hallway!

Hallway storage ideas

1. Choose multipurpose storage

Once you’ve decided exactly what you’ll store in the hallway, it’s best to brainstorm how you’ll showcase – or tastefully conceal – those items. One savvy solution is multipurpose furniture, like storage seats and ottomans.


This ash hall storage seat fuses function and style courtesy of a plush seat cushion, neat shelves, and a minimalist grey finish ready to slot into any décor scheme.  


Likewise, ottomans – like this charcoal number – offer ample storage space, bring warmth (especially paired with a high-pile rug) and extra hallway seating to kick off your shoes after a long day.

But it’s not all about shoes.

Hallway storage, done tactfully, offers space to store overspill from other rooms. Plus, if you’re renting and drilling into the wall is off-limits, it’s a great go-to storage solution.

2. Trick the eye with a hall of mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of extra space by reflecting light around the room, crucial in what tends to be the narrowest, dimmest part of the house.

Here are two nifty optical illusions to create the perception of extra space – seeing is believing!

Create a window


If your hallway has no windows, choose a mirror that’s cut and framed to mimic one, like this large arched mirror.

It will provide a unique focal point and prevent a sense of claustrophobia typical of tight entryways.

Tall mirror tricks


By drawing the eye upward, tall mirrors trick us into thinking the space we occupy is more spacious than it is. This mirror slots right into the storage setup and doesn’t need installing – simply prop it against a wall for an instant space enhancer.  

3. Streamline your home office


Hallways and landings aren’t obvious home office hotspots but streamlining your WFH setup frees up valuable space elsewhere. Sleek, lightweight furniture is vital, as it allows you to pick up and park your workstation wherever you please – ideal when you have guests or fancy a change of scenery.

Ladder desks

Ladder desks offer a contemporary twist on traditional workstations by minimising the space they take up while maximising storage space.


You can pick up this lightweight ladder desk and prop it against any wall for easy remote working, while its shelves and inside storage provide ample room for those all-important files and midmorning snacks.

4. Organise your sole supply


If your shoes are your thing, or you’re just tired of tripping over trainers, a sturdy shoe rack is essential for keeping your sole supply organised.


Our Fulmer shoe rack and bench feature eight roomy compartments and pair an industrial-inspired iron mesh frame with elegant mango wood, slotting into any décor scheme while standing the test of time. Plus, its ample top surface is perfect for displays – think decorative lamps, family photos, potted plants and trinket bowls – the possibilities are endless.

5. Consider a console table


Console tables offer smart, stylish storage while doubling as a practical hallway focal point.

Like the Dalton or Oslo, simple silhouettes are ideal for compact spaces; their pared-down practicality complements any décor scheme while providing crucial storage space.

Paired with a space-enhancing mirror, a lush indoor plant and a small trinket bowl for your keys, you can organise and freshen the space in one fell swoop.

Alternatively, something rustic or dark ash provides a platform for embellishment – everything from potted plants and prints to vintage ephemera – adding character and eclecticism to your entryway.  

Consider designs with different compartments, too, as you can designate each drawer or shelf with a purpose, like storing letters, umbrellas, daily essentials, or even that pesky overspill from other rooms.    

6. Shelve it


Shelves don’t just provide a platform for accessories – they can serve as a centrepiece by themselves, too.

These contemporary mirrored shelves – available in silver and rose gold – are ideal for modern interiors and proudly present the things that make you happy. What’s more, they look just as impressive completely empty!

7. Hang your bike


If you’re tired of side-shuffling past the pesky bike in your hallway, a no-fuss wall mount should top your hallway shopping list. Plus, if you're lucky enough to have a stylish bike frame, mounting it on a bike storage rack will create a stunning feature that flaunts your passion.

This heavy-duty steel mount is quick to set up and holds two bikes and two helmets up to a combined weight of 45kg, while this bumper 9-piece storage kit holds three bikes and three helmets, freeing up floor space for accents and accessories.

8. Don't forget your coat (rack) 


At the end of a long day, a coat rack can be the difference between a tidy or cluttered hallway. Plus, they’re a cost-effective way of showcasing your style.

Fusing natural wood with an industrial iron mesh structure, this coat rack stand & shoe bench keeps everything organised while exuding effortless style. Two storage compartments and six hooks offer plenty of practical storage for the whole family, while the ample top surface is ideal for your favourite decorative items. 

Alternatively, this hanging hall rack has five handy hooks and two chic woven baskets for storing your grab-and-go essentials. The neutral white colourway paired with on-trend grey storage baskets ensures it’ll complement any décor scheme, too. 

9. Get creative with furniture


Drawers, shelves and sideboards create a calm, uncluttered feel while housing your personal items or overspill from other rooms. And if space allows, you could expand your practical storage onto the landing, too.  

Get creative and select compact, multipurpose pieces traditionally kept in other rooms, such as side tables and sideboards, so you don’t compromise style and design for functionality.

10. Be a basket case


Storage baskets, particularly those made from wicker and seagrass, are breathable and maintain airflow, making them perfect for storing apparel and grab-and-go essentials like tissues, sunglasses and wipes.

Baskets with lids – like these wicker storage trunks – are built for stacking, and when not in use, the two smaller trunks sit neatly inside the larger one to maximise floor space.

VH storage hack: use sticky labels to assign each family member a basket to eliminate guesswork when you’re scrambling for your umbrella or the dog’s lead!   

11. Pegboards for pets’ paraphernalia

Searching for the dog’s lead, waste bags and toys is tricky when he’s barking at dawn for his morning walk. As we’ve mentioned, storage baskets blend practicality and style to store all manner of essentials, while a spare coat hook or pegboard will let you hang all the dog’s equipment with no fuss. 

If you have any more tips and tricks for keeping your hallway tidy, share them with us on Instagram by tagging us ( Alternatively, for more lifestyle hacks and interesting articles on making the most of your home, check out our blog.

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