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How to make a small bedroom look bigger

Trying to figure out how to maximise space in a small bedroom? We’ve got the tips you need to make your box room look bigger.

3 days ago

How to grow a vegetable patch

From patch to plate, learn to grow your own vegetables with a little help from VonHaus.

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The UK’s most popular luxury rooms

When you think about a celebrity’s home, do you picture it with all sorts of different luxury rooms inside? A cinema, an indoor swimming pool, a huge walk-in wardrobe, maybe even a private gym? These types of luxury rooms have been exclusively for the rich and famous who could afford them… until now.

4 days ago

11 tips to keep your hallway tidy

Hallways are veritable clutter magnets. Shoes, umbrellas, propped-up bikes – everything seems to end up in the front door foyer. But by following our simple hallway hacks, you'll reclaim your entryway in no time.

12 days ago

Vegan recipes for Veganuary

Make healthy eating delicious with our easy-to-follow vegan recipe list, perfect for both beginners and experienced chefs!

16 days ago

Ten 15-minute juicing recipes to kickstart 2022

Whether you're kickstarting a healthy lifestyle or boosting your family's wellbeing, these produce-packed juice recipes - each with 1/4 of your produce RDA - are guaranteed to put a spring in your step in 2022. 

21 days ago

One-pot wonders: 12 easy slow cooker recipes

To celebrate slow cooker month, we're serving up a menu of soul-warming one-pot wonders, from family-sized crockpot curries and casseroles to some of our best-kept secrets.

22 days ago

How to clean your oven

Cleaning an oven can be a daunting task, but have no fear - with our guide your oven will be looking as good as new in no time!

28 days ago

Creative storage ideas for small homes

Get creative with our guide for storage in smaller spaces. 

1 month ago

How to host a kid-friendly New Year party

Host a fun-filled New Year's party that the whole family can enjoy by following our guide!

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