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The VonShef Guide to Teppanyaki Grilling (with recipes)

Flaming teppanyaki grillFlaming teppanyaki grill


Originating from Japan, teppanyaki has taken the culinary world by storm, captivating food enthusiasts with its sizzling ingredients, skilled showmanship, and irresistible aromas.

Now, it's time for you to embark on your own teppanyaki adventure in the comfort of your home.

Welcome to the VonShef teppanyaki grilling guide, where we'll walk you through everything you need to know, from mastering the art of cooking on a teppanyaki grill to impressing your guests with delicious teppanyaki grill recipes.

So, pop on your apron, and let's dive into the riveting world of teppanyaki grilling!

What is a teppanyaki grill?

A teppanyaki grill is a nifty kitchen appliance from Japan that has become synonymous with Japanese restaurants. You've probably witnessed the captivating sight of skilled chefs cooking up a storm on long, flat metal grills, sizzling delectable dishes like steak, shrimp, and fried noodles. Now, you can recreate this enthralling cooking experience in your own home.

Teppanyaki translates to "grill plate" in Japanese, and it perfectly encapsulates the essence of this cooking style, where the grill sets the stage for a riveting culinary performance. 

How to cook on a teppanyaki grill

Cooking on a teppanyaki grillCooking on a teppanyaki grill


Preparing for a teppanyaki cooking session is half the fun! Here's how to get started: 

Gather the ingredients

Start by curating a tantalising array of mouth-watering ingredients. Think succulent cuts of meat, fresh seafood, crisp vegetables, and a symphony of aromatic sauces. Your teppanyaki adventure begins with these tasty building blocks.

Fire up the grill

Once you’ve prepped your ingredients, it’s time to fire up the grill. Ensuring your teppanyaki grill is preheated to the ideal temperature is crucial for achieving even heat distribution and perfectly cooked morsels.

Be creative

Now it's time to unleash your inner chef and let your creativity shine. With teppanyaki, the grill becomes your canvas, the spatula your paintbrush.

Embrace the thrill of hibachi-style flipping, sending morsels soaring through the air with a flourish. Challenge yourself with precisely timed searing, ensuring each ingredient is perfectly caramelised.

The culinary spectacle of teppanyaki is not just about the taste—it's an immersive and theatrical experience that will leave your guests in awe. The sizzling sounds, tantalising aromas, and vibrant colours contribute to the mesmerising show unfolding before you.

Teppanyaki grill recipes

Let's dive into some teppanyaki grill recipes that'll take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. These five simple dishes provide a variety of flavours and options to explore.

Whether you're a meat lover, seafood enthusiast, or prefer veggie delights, there's something for everyone. So, fire up the grill, let your culinary creativity soar, and prepare to dazzle your taste buds!

1) Teriyaki Chicken Skewers


Marinate bite-sized chicken pieces in a delicious homemade teriyaki sauce, threaded onto skewers, and grill them to perfection on the teppanyaki grill. The result is juicy, finger-licking chicken with a caramelised glaze that'll leave everyone wanting more.

2) Garlic Butter Shrimp

Garlic butter shrimpGarlic butter shrimp


Toss the shrimp in a mixture of melted butter, minced garlic, and a pinch of salt. Place them on the teppanyaki grill and let them sizzle until they turn pink and develop a mouth-watering garlic aroma. Serve them as a tasty appetiser or add them to a stir-fry for a burst of flavour.

3) Vegetable Medley

Create a vibrant and healthy vegetable medley by combining colourful bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions. Toss them in olive oil, sprinkle with your favourite seasoning, and grill them on the teppanyaki until they're charred and tender-crisp. This versatile side dish complements any teppanyaki meal, adding freshness and crunch.

4) Beef Stir-fry

Beef stir-fryBeef stir-fry


Slice tender beef into thin strips and marinate them in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and honey. Add the marinated beef to the hot teppanyaki grill, along with a medley of crisp vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and snow peas. Sear everything together, allowing the flavours to meld and the beef to become tender and juicy. The result is a delicious savoury dish that will satisfy those carnivorous cravings!

5) Pineapple & Banana Skewers

Here's a tip for a delicious dessert: thread chunks of pineapple and banana alternately onto skewers and cook them on the teppanyaki. The heat will caramelise the sugars, resulting in a mouth-watering tropical treat. Enhance the flavour by serving the skewers with a honey drizzle or a dash of cinnamon. Enjoy!

How to clean a teppanyaki grill

You might expect a daunting clean-up session after your teppanyaki feast. Fear not – cleaning a teppanyaki grill is surprisingly easy.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you keep your grill in sparkling condition:

Leave to cool; remove food residue

Allow the teppanyaki grill to cool down completely before starting the cleaning process. Once cool, use a damp cloth to wipe away any food residue or loose particles from the surface. This helps prevent the remnants from hardening and becoming more difficult to remove later.

Tackle stubborn grease and carbonised bits

A non-abrasive sponge and mild dish soap will take care of stubborn grease or carbonised bits that have melded to the grill. Apply a small amount of soap to the sponge and gently scrub the affected areas. Don't use harsh or abrasive materials that could damage the grill's surface – a little elbow grease should help loosen and remove any stubborn residue.

Rinse and dry

Once you've removed the residue, rinse the grill thoroughly with clean water. Make sure to remove any soap residue as well. After rinsing, use a clean tea towel to dry the grill – keeping the grill dry helps to prevent rusting.

Clean regularly 

A regular cleaning routine is essential to keep your teppanyaki grill in top-notch condition. After each use, give the grill a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove any immediate debris. A proactive approach to cleaning will prevent build-up and make future clean-ups easier.

Optional seasoning

For those who want to go the extra mile, consider seasoning your teppanyaki grill occasionally. You can do this by applying a thin coat of vegetable oil or grill oil to the grill's surface after cleaning can help maintain its non-stick properties and protect it from rust.

Simply apply a small amount of oil using a paper towel or cloth and ensure even coverage.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your teppanyaki grill pristine and ready for your next culinary adventure. Remember, regular cleaning not only extends the lifespan of your grill but also ensures that each meal is prepared on a clean and hygienic surface. So, let's keep that teppanyaki grill sparkling and ready to serve up more mouth-watering delights!

Ignite your culinary creativity with a teppanyaki grill


Looking to take your cooking skills to the next level? The VonShef teppanyaki grill is the perfect tool for mastering the art of teppanyaki. Its stylish design and impressive heating capabilities let you showcase your culinary talents and create delicious teppanyaki dishes in the comfort of your own home.

Don't wait any longer to impress your guests with your incredible teppanyaki creations. Get your VonShef teppanyaki grill today and embark on your Japanese culinary journey.

There’s just one thing left to say: Itadakimasu! (いただきます!) That’s Bon Appetit in Japanese, FYI. 

Enjoy your feast and we’ll see you here next time : ) 

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