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10 quick and easy bathroom storage ideas

Ah, the bathroom – our personal retreat and, occasionally, a hotspot for clutter. From the legion of half-empty shampoo bottles to towels that seem to have a life of their own, maintaining order in this intimate space can often feel like a Sisyphean task.

Yet, fear not! With a sprinkle of practicality and a dash of creativity, transforming your cluttered bathroom into a chic, organised haven is within reach.

Here are ten nifty bathroom storage ideas that promise to enhance the functionality of your space and imbue it with effortless style.

Let’s dive in!

Serene blue bathroom with white freestanding bathSerene blue bathroom with white freestanding bath

1) Start with decluttering 

The journey to an organised bathroom begins with a single step: decluttering.

Embrace the Marie Kondo philosophy by holding onto only those items that spark joy or are essential. Bid farewell to expired products, untouched samples, and those "might-use-one-day" potions.

A streamlined bathroom not only simplifies organisation but also transforms the space into a more inviting sanctuary.

Want to dive deeper into decluttering? Check out our comprehensive guide to the KonMari method.

2) Drawer dividers: organise to simplify

You know, we know it: drawers can quickly devolve into a chaotic jumble without the right organisation. 

But don’t despair if you’re not super organised! Drawer dividers and organisers, which compartmentalise your space, make it easy to find exactly what you need without the hassle. 

Segment items by category—makeup in one area, dental care in another—to streamline your daily routine.

3) Shelf life: Elevate your storage 

In the quest for an organised home, every inch counts, especially in the bathroom. 

Installing shelves above the toilet or beside the sink offers additional storage without sacrificing valuable floor space. 

Use baskets and bins on your shelves to neatly tuck away towels, toiletries, and essentials, ensuring they're accessible yet discreetly out of view.

4) The magic of mason jars 

Mason jars aren’t just for jam. They offer a charming solution for storing small items like cotton balls and swabs.

Labelled and mounted on a wooden plank, they add a touch of rustic elegance to your bathroom, marrying functionality with style.

Cotton balls and cotton buds in mason jarsCotton balls and cotton buds in mason jars

5) Towel racks: beyond just drying

Rethink the traditional use of towel racks. 

Mounted on the back of the door or a side wall, they can host organisers with pockets, providing a clever storage solution for hairbrushes, combs, and beauty products. 

This strategy keeps essentials within reach while keeping countertops clear. Win-win! 

6) Under-sink utopia: unlock hidden storage  

The space under the sink is a goldmine of storage potential often left untapped. 

With the right organisers or pull-out drawers, this area becomes the perfect spot for stashing cleaning supplies, bulk toiletries, and other bulky items. 

If DIY isn't your forte, our chic under-sink cabinets offer a stylish alternative.

Hand soap on a minimalist countertopHand soap on a minimalist countertop

7) Clear countertops: embrace minimalism  

A clutter-free countertop significantly enhances the aesthetic and feel of your bathroom.

Employ trays or baskets to neatly organise necessities like hand soap and lotion, lending your space a tidy, polished look.

8) Get hooked on hooks  

Never underestimate the utility of hooks.

Perfect for hanging bathrobes, towels, and even small storage caddies, hooks help maintain the cleanliness and flow of your bathroom, ensuring everything has its place.

9) Over-the-door organisers  

For those grappling with limited bathroom real estate, an over-the-door organiser is a revelation.

It's ideal for storing hair styling tools and products, keeping them out of sight but readily accessible, maximising space without sacrificing convenience.

10) Regular reviews: stay ahead of clutter  

Make organisation a habit rather than a chore. 

Periodically review the contents of your bathroom, discarding expired items and reevaluating storage needs. Being proactive guarantees your bathroom remains a serene and clutter-free haven.


Creating an oasis of calm

Revamping a cluttered bathroom into a streamlined and stylish space doesn't require a magic wand—just a measure of pragmatism and some innovative storage solutions. 

With these bathroom storage ideas, you'll not only enhance the functionality of your bathroom but also turn it into a stylish retreat you'll love to use. What’s not to love?!

Ready for more interior design insights and DIY tips? Visit our blog and join the conversation in the comments. Let's embark on this journey to style and simplicity together!

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