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How to design an eclectic bathroom

Natural eclectic bathroomNatural eclectic bathroom


Imagine a space that tells your story through an intriguing mix of textures, colours, and eras—a bathroom that's not just functional but a testament to your creativity and flair. 

Well, imagine no more; today we’re making it happen! 

Join us as we explain how to create an eclectic bathroom, starting with the essence of your design—the colour scheme—and culminating in a space replete with personal touches that tell your story. 

Sound good to be true? We promise it isn’t! 

Folks, it’s time to get eclectic. 

Bright orange eclectic bathroomBright orange eclectic bathroom

Begin with a splash of colour 

The canvas of any eclectic bathroom is the paint job. It's all about choosing hues that lift your soul—tranquil coastal blues, effervescent yellows; whatever floats your boat. 

The colour palette will guide your bathroom ensemble to a symphony, where every shade sings while exhibiting its texture and depth. 

Master the art of balance 

Visualise your bathroom as a delicate seesaw, with each design element—from a vintage vanity to a contemporary mirror—adding its weight to either side. 

Your mission is to achieve equilibrium, marrying modern with vintage, subtle with bold, to create a striking, yet balanced aesthetic.

Balance is more than a concept; it's the essence that breathes life into your eclectic vision. But don’t fret if you capsize your room visually – the beauty of eclecticism lies in its flexibility, which we’ll talk about later. 

Visually balanced eclectic bathroomVisually balanced eclectic bathroom
Textured eclectic bathroomTextured eclectic bathroom

Weave a tapestry of texture

Eclectic design centres on mixing and matching textures and materials. 

Picture the elegant contrast of polished marble against rustic wood, or the warm glow of aged brass fixtures against the cool sheen of brushed nickel.

This textural interplay transforms your bathroom into a tactile sanctuary, sparking curiosity and exploration. Two concepts that aren’t often used to describe a bathroom – but that’s what eclectic bathrooms do. They break the mould. 

Spotlight the focal points

Choose a focal point – a freestanding tub, an ornate mirror, whatever you like —to anchor your bathroom’s story. 

Next, surround it with pieces that complement without overshadowing: verdant plants, minimalist art; again, this is down to you. If it’s a picture of your pooch, more power to you.    

The outcome will be an eclectic bathroom that captivates without overwhelming – exactly what you want. So cast that spotlight wisely. 

Freestanding bathtub in blue bathroomFreestanding bathtub in blue bathroom



Form and function  

Functionality is often overlooked in eclectic bathrooms. But we won’t make that mistake. 

Instead, choose pieces that marry aesthetic appeal with practicality – think mirrored cabinets, corner shelves, and mood lighting. Things that look good and do stuff. 

A serene, functional space exudes comfort and that ‘ahhh’ feeling. The good kind. 

Tell your story

Your eclectic bathroom is a canvas for your life's stories. 

No really, it is. 

Every cherished heirloom and flea market find writes a chapter of your journey. So, why not get them down from the attic and up onto the wall? 

These personal touches will infuse your space with warmth and personality, transforming it into a sanctuary that's unmistakably you. Not in a narcissistic way – in a ‘this is my happy place’ way. 

Coastal eclectic bathroomCoastal eclectic bathroom

Relish the experiment 

Dive into the creative process with an open heart and mind. Eclectic design is all about experimentation, finding beauty in unexpected pairings, and having the courage to revise your choices if they don't resonate. 

There’s probably an insightful quote to elevate this idea, but you’re here for bathrooms. So, we’ll swiftly move on…

Celebrate your eclectic vision

An eclectic bathroom transcends trends; it's a celebration of your individuality and creativity. 

By curating a mix of elements, maintaining a sense of balance, and layering your stories, you're not just designing a bathroom – you're crafting a sanctuary that stands out for all the right reasons. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday, eh?

Stylish monochrome bathroomStylish monochrome bathroom

In the tapestry of interior design, the most enchanting spaces are those that dare to mix, match, and tell a story. Remember, your eclectic bathroom is more than a place to get clean —it's a reflection of your journey and a testament to your style.

So, break the mould, blend the eras, and create a bathroom that's as unique as you. 

Ready to dive deeper into the world of interior design, with more tips and handy how-tos? Visit our blog now and get inspired!

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