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8 Must-Haves For The Ultimate WFH Office 

It’s about time that you levelled up your home office. Helping to up your productivity and letting you enjoy your worktime more - a great office will only be a benefit. Balancing comfort with function is what we do best, and we’ve got home office makeovers down to a T. From desks to comfy chairs to IT equipment, you can set up your dream work-space with VonHaus. To get you started, here are our 8 must haves for the ultimate WFH office.

home office essentials home office essentials

#1 Tidy Desk

The first and most important part of any office is a good desk. Giving structure to your space, settling down at a desk will get you in the working mindset ready for a productive today. But the type of desk you go for is completely up to you. If you want to ensure you get enough movement during the day, how about a sit-stand desk? Or we love this stylish white and oak computer desk, complete with a neat storage cupboard.

work from home office storagework from home office storage
Image via @shawgosshome

#2 Stylish Storage 

And to help you keep your desk tidy, add some stylish storage. From storage trunks to drawer trollies, there is a whole range of solutions to help keep your space neat. The perfect place to house paper, notebooks, chargers and more, help fight the clutter with some stylish storage.

#3 Supportive Chair

When you’re working, a supportive chair is a must. Making sure you protect your back with good posture, a supportive chair goes a long way in looking after your neck and back. But a supportive chair doesn’t have to be an eyesore in your office! Take a look at these high back faux leather chairs for a stylish take on a supportive style.

work from home accent chairwork from home accent chair
image via @thompson_residence_the_durham

#4 A Place To Relax

A change of scenery is great for a mid-day boost of productivity. How about a comfy armchair? Ideal for sinking into to take meetings, curling up in to really crack on with work, or getting some headspace during your head. A great way to add some décor and colour to your space, an accent chair might not seem like a home office must have, but it will make it instantly more inviting.

#5 The Perfect Temperature 

If you’re too hot, you definitely won’t be able to work properly. Finding your optimum temperature will help you focus to work better and longer in your comfortable work space. A tower fan is a great way to cool down your room without having to sacrifice precious space to a big, clumpy fan. With a whole host of settings, you have full control to customise the temperature and breeze.

Right image via @angelajackson12

#6 Coffee Break

You can’t get down to work without coffee. Whether you just have a morning cup of joe or need regular top ups, why not set up a coffee station in your office? If you like an espresso from a machine, or a cafetiere you can use to top yourself up, set up a coffee corner so you never have to be pulled out of the work zone.

#7 Monitor Riser 

Support your neck and back by bringing your screen up to your optimum level. Improving your posture, investing in a monitor stand or mount is a great choice for your body and your workspace. With a whole range of options from simple monitor stands that offer you extra storage or dual monitor and tablet mounts, whatever tech you use, there’s a solution. No longer the big and clumpy contraptions you may be imagining, monitor mounts are sleek and practical, becoming a must-have for a productive office.

#8 Plenty Of Power

There is nothing more annoying than running out of plugs. Needing a place for monitors, chargers, lamps and more, offices need loads of sockets. Offering you plenty of plugs without sacrificing too much space, we’re big fans of a socket tower. Ideal for standing on the corner of your desk or down by the feet of your favourite chair, enjoy the practicality of this more stylish take on an extension lead.  

Well, now you're armed with the know-how to create your ultimate work from home office, where will you start?

And if you have must-haves of your own that you'd like to add, make sure to let us know in the comments below.

For more tips, tricks, and inspiration, head over to our blog today!


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