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How to make the most of your New Year cleanse

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, there are a handful of classics we try to stick to year in, year out, the most common being that elusive healthy lifestyle.

And it’s little wonder after all that yuletide indulgence!

So, what better way to boost your New Year health kick than by investing in some kitchen appliances that make food prep fun and healthy?

We’ve gathered some nifty appliances that’ll make healthy eating the norm, and save you from overusing your air fryer. 

Here’s to a healthy 2023! 

What’s wrong with using my air fryer?

Air fryers really took off in 2022, with air fryer recipes flooding TikTok and foodie Instagram profiles. In November 2022, sales for these miracle gadgets skyrocketed to 3000% higher than in the same month last year.

But with stocks running low, it’s worth considering some alternative air fryer solutions. 

Don’t worry; we’ve done the legwork for you, collating six nifty appliances to kick-start your new year cleanse: 

Omelette maker

Omelette maker and omelette on grey kitchen countertop Omelette maker and omelette on grey kitchen countertop


Struggling to fix up a healthy breakfast or WFH lunch? It can be tempting to order in or wander to the sandwich shop – but if you’re serious about getting healthy, an omelette maker should top your list.

Perfect for packing in protein, add healthy ingredients like spinach and peppers or go for ham and cheese for a quick afternoon pick-me-up. You can even make sweet omelettes with protein powder and fresh fruit as a weekend treat or protein pancakes and waffles. Here’s a nifty waffle maker to get you started!

Smoothie maker

VonShef smoothie maker filled with yellow fruit juice VonShef smoothie maker filled with yellow fruit juice


Nothing hits the spot like a protein-packed smoothie after a workout – cool, refreshing, and full of vitamins and goodness. This premium VonShef smoothie maker blends endless combos to make unique smoothies every day of the week.

Try strawberry and banana for a timeless classic or mix some peanut butter with chocolate protein powder and banana for a delicious, sweet treat that will feel like a cheat meal (but is full of wholesome ingredients your muscles will thank you for).


Stainless steel juicer and fruit on wooden kitchen counter Stainless steel juicer and fruit on wooden kitchen counter


If you want to hit your five a day – grab a juicer.

Whether you crave freshly squeezed orange juice first thing in the morning or celery juice that hits the spot after a yoga or boxing class, a juicer will help you smash your healthy eating goals.

Not only that, but it’ll save you from having to buy juice from the supermarket and wondering what other ingredients could be in there. With a juicer, you’ll know you’re drinking fresh fruit and veg juice every time.

Food processor

VonShef food processor on kitchen counter VonShef food processor on kitchen counter


Desperate to make tasty meals packed full of vegetables but hate the prep?

We hear you – all that chopping, dicing and slicing is tiring, especially when you’re hungry (or hangry!) after work.

A food processor makes food prep effortless. These nifty kitchen devices prep veg in a flash, so you’re ready for fajitas, curries, soups – you name it.

There are several attachments for different ingredients, too – grate your cheese in seconds, chop your carrots quicker than Bugs Bunny, and even slice potatoes for perfect dauphinoise without the hassle.

Yoghurt maker

White VonShef yoghurt maker on marble kitchen counterWhite VonShef yoghurt maker on marble kitchen counter


Yoghurt is delicious and great for the gut – especially when you’re detoxing after Christmas!

This yoghurt maker is the perfect solution for making your favourite breakfast overnight – it only needs 10 hours while you sleep to make creamy, cool yoghurt that can top your granola, fruit, or favourite curry at dinnertime.

For super-simple meal prep, check out our digital yoghurt maker with seven individual jars.

Glass jug blender

Glass jug  blender filled with yellow fruit juice Glass jug  blender filled with yellow fruit juice


Blenders are ideal for all things health-related. Want to make a fruit-filled smoothie for breakfast, a creamy vegetable soup for lunch, or a herby yoghurt dressing for veggie-packed fajitas?

Then say hello to your shiny new blender.

Powerful blades pulverise everything from ice to veg and can be used for different meals every single day. And you can control the speed to dictate how blended you want your ingredients to be, so you can have chunky soup, smooth milkshakes, and creamy sauces in seconds.

The grinding bowl grinds coffee beans, too – perfect for your morning brew!

You can use these kitchen appliances daily to kick-start – and maintain – your new healthy lifestyle. So, experiment and find your healthy go-to meals for 2023 and beyond!

For more product rundowns, lifestyle hacks, and handy how-to guides, head to our blog – we’ll see you in the comments!

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