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How to host the perfect garden party

Much to our delight, the warmer weather of spring and summer means we can finally invite our loved ones around for one of the best events of the year – garden parties!

Whether it’s a casual backyard BBQ or a full-blown canapes and cocktails affair, some key elements should never be forgotten when hosting a dinner party outdoors. 

Here are our top tips for hosting the perfect garden party, from food, dips and drinks to decor and party games guaranteed to impress the most stoic of guests! So keep reading to learn the secret skills to planning the garden party of the summer.

Planning a garden party

So you've decided to host a garden party – well, let's get planning!  The quicker you pull together all the elements you need, the sooner you’ll be able to relax.

Now if you’re thinking of hosting a neighbourhood BBQ, you won’t need to rush to organise your invites, but if you’re hosting an engagement party or a high society do, you’ll want to get them out several months in advance.

Once your guest list is sorted, it's time to gather your garden party essentials. Let's get to it.

Garden party essentials

There are four core elements of a garden party that, when nailed down, will give your do a cohesive theme, keep your guests happy and leave everyone thinking you’re a party-planning genius: food, entertainment, decoration, and comfort.

Garden party food

It’s a good idea to start with the type of food you'll serve at your garden party, as this will determine:

  • How much space you have left for games
  • What type of furniture you'll need 
  • How you'll decorate your garden to suit your theme and food

BBQ foods, like grilled chicken, burgers and hot dogs are great garden party foods for more casual events, while a buffet with prepared sandwiches and nibbles are better suited to formal events.

Ensuring you have plenty of ice buckets is key to any summer event, too, whether it’s to keep your drinks or your guests cool!

Garden party games

There are so many ways to keep your guests engaged at your garden party, such as playing a film on a projector when the evening draws in. 

However, one of the best diversions for your guests is to have some garden party games set up! Whether you're keeping it classy with a game of crochet or entertaining the kids with giant Jenga, games are sure to keep everyone happy.

Try to get creative – dinner party games don’t need to be expensive, and many involve things you've already got lying around the house!

Gather some outdoor cushions on the grass and encourage everyone to join in with some classic childhood games, from ‘duck duck goose’ to ‘musical chairs’ (or cushions in this case!). But if you’re really struggling, you can always resort to a classic bouncy castle, which will keep party guests of all ages entertained all day!

Garden party décor ideas

With the food and entertainment sorted, it's time to choose the decorations that'll elevate your theme.

 Candles and pretty flower baskets are brilliant if you're keeping things lowkey, but you'll want balloons, banners, and ice statues (!) for more showy affairs. Whatever you choose, make sure it's weatherproof or easy to move, because you can't bank on sunny rays in Britain!

Balloons can easily be moved indoors, as can banners and seat cushions. However, handcrafted doughnut walls and champagne towers are trickier to manoeuvre, making a gazebo essential for sheltering your guests – and the food! 

Garden party furniture

Now you have the food, entertainment, and décor down, it’s time for the finishing touch – arranging the furniture. If you’re having a buffet or sit-down meal, you’ll need plenty of outdoor dining seating, but if you’re hosting a more intimate garden party, some picnic blankets will work wonders!

For more lifestyle hacks and interior design insights, head over to our blog — we'd love to see you in the comments! 

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